Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Extending the Survey

Thanks to everyone who has completed our survey. It has been fascinating and informative to see the responses that have come in so far, and it's hard to resist the urge to find out more about each and every group we've heard about! From Young Archaeologists' Clubs to diving groups, it's clear that there are thousands of people across the country who are dedicated to exploring and researching our rich heritage.
We've also been busy compiling a literature review of projects receiving funding from the HLF, and are now planning our in-depth case studies. If you've completed the survey and are located within one of our case study areas, you may well be hearing from us soon.
So far, we've had over 400 complete responses, with many more in progress. Because we are still receiving a steady stream of queries and responses from people who've only just heard about the survey, we're extending it the deadline for completion to Monday 21st September to allow as many people as possible the chance to have their say.
Please do spread the word to anyone who hasn't yet filled it in. Archaeology group, local history society, individual researchers: we'd love to hear from you all:
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Friday, 5 June 2015

Introducing the project

Welcome. This blog will provide information and updates on a project commissioned by Historic England to gather data on the volume of historical and archaeological research undertaken by voluntary groups and societies, and its potential scholarly value to the wider research community. 

The project is titled 'Assessing the Value of Community Generated Historic Environment Research'. Combining an England-wide survey with local case studies, we'll estimate how much research is being undertaken, how it is funded and where it is published, and assess the potential contribution of this research to resources used by those making decisions on planning issues and research agendas. It is being led by Worcestershire Archive and Archaeology Service.

The survey is now live, and will run until 21st August. A paper copy is available: please contact us to request one. You can complete it at the link below (mobile-friendly), or within the take the survey page (desktop version) on this blog.

Whether your interest is in medieval manors or inter-war industry, your response will enable us to better understand the contribution of your efforts to heritage research, and to make sure that local history and archaeology research is better valued.

Keep an eye on this blog for updates from the project team. A nationwide literature review and local case studies focusing on Norfolk, West Yorkshire and the Vale of Evesham will be underway soon.